Last week, we relayed Kristin Cavallari's swimsuit shopping advice for women with problem areas, as originally published on the Kristin Cavallari app for iPhone under the heading "Best Bathing Suit for Different Body Types."

Kristin's post offers helpful tips for women with "little tummies," curvy women, "pear shape" women, and women with small busts. Whether it be try the maternity section or just add some fabric, Kristin has something to say to everyone.

But perhaps you read those tips and did not find anything that applies to you. Maybe you don't actually have any problem areas. Maybe you're just like, really lucky genetically. You need attention, too, I'm guessing.

Do not fear—Kristin has advice for women who are so blessed. Because you know what? She's been there. She writes:

If you are petite: this is me. I've found over the years that string bikinis look the best. We don't have a lot to work with so in this case, less is more.

Flaunt it!

This is me.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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