If you are wondering what you should wear to camouflage your problem areas on the beach this summer, future author Kristin Cavallari has some advice. In a post titled "Best Bathing Suit For Different Body Types," (recently shared on the Kristin Cavallari Official App for iPhone and iPad), she emphasizes the importance of timely swimwear selection: "It's that time of year! Sun, sand, and lots of skin. Picking out the right bathing suit is crucial to looking your best this summer."

Helping you wade through all that skin is Kristin, who offers swimsuit suggestions for all the different kinds of girls: Curvy girls, petite girls, girls with "little tummies," "pear shape" girls, and girls with small busts.

The category with which Kristin herself identifies will be revealed in a forthcoming post. For now, curvy girls listen up—Kristin is talking. Here's what Kristin recommends for you:

"If you are curvy," Kristin writes, "this particular Mikoh bathing suit is a personal favorite of mine. I wore it 6 months pregnant and felt great in it."

It sounds like a versatile suit—perfect for covering the curves of a pregnant woman or the curves of woman who simply looks pregnant. You'll feel great in it. (For $208.)

Check back tomorrow for Kristin's advice for "pear shape" girls.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via the Kristin Cavallari app, Getty]