In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kristin Cavallari remarked not on her forthcoming book (same book we’ve been talking about this whole time) but on the upcoming arrival of her third child. According to Kristin, there have been some “rumors” about this baby.

Said Kristin to ET, “There were rumors that I’m naming my daughter after a dog, which that’s true—I am. But it’s not that strange because people name their dog George and Harry now.”

Damn. A mean rumor that turned out to be true. Who would say such a thing?

A quick look back through the 500 Days of Kristin archives reveals that Kristin did, two months ago, in an interview with the baby registry site Cricket’s Circle.

“We picked out this baby girl’s name when I was pregnant with our first,” Kristin told the site. “I met a woman and her dog, and I loved her dog’s name. Funny enough, it was the name she had picked out if she had a girl, but she had boys, so she used it for her dog instead. Here we are 3.5 years later, and we are going to use that name for our little girl!”

There’s no doubt about it: Kristin is naming her daughter after a dog. But unfortunately, the rumor mill has yet to provide any websites with the name itself. Perhaps it is George. Or maybe Harry?

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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