The secrets of this world are vast, innumerable, and often revealed to us by unlikely parties and means. Today—just 477 days before her debut book Balancing on Heels drops—Kristin Cavallari whispered some secrets onto her eponymous app.

The secrets of bone broth. (As revealed in a post titled "The Secrets of Bone Broth.")

Quoth Kristin, who is forever bumping into loosely-sourced articles of dubious science, knocking them over, and then assembling a fragmented Life Plan from the shattered pieces: "I was thrilled to stumble upon this article about the benefits of bone broth soup. I've been making it for awhile and not only drinking it myself, but giving it to my boys as well."

Bone broth is a witchy way of saying "stock"—broth made with animal bones. Kristin's post continues with a word from "Dr. Kellyann Petrucci," who received her PhD in Animal Bones from Hogwarts. Reveals Dr. Kellyann: "Bone broth isn't just warming and nutritious, it actually turns back the clock. [...] In my clinical experience, bone broth reverses signs of aging better than any powder, pill, or serum."

Dr. Kristin Cavallari adds, "If you drink bone broth soup and eat fermented food you will be golden!"

The secret's out: If you drink bone broth soup and eat fermented food you will be golden, like an Oscar, a retriever, or a Mario coin.

For further reading, you may refer to Kristin's app or this recent NPR survey of doctors and dieticians who deny that bone broth has any curative properties whatsoever.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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