Kristin Cavallari recently consented to an interview with the beauty blog, which resulted in the instant classic blog post, “How Kristin Cavallari Does It All (and Still Looks Amazing).” We’ve already discussed a couple questions from the interview, like “Where do you find inspiration for the content on your app?” and “What sites do you visit for health and beauty inspiration?”

Fine questions, both. The answers, in brief: Kristin is inspired by herself; she is not “a big internet girl.”

But what about a fun question? Did Byrdie ask Kristin any of those?

Byrdie: A fun question for you—have you ever shared any beauty tips with your husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler?

Cavallari: Jay is about as manly as they come; he takes two seconds to get ready and isn’t too hung up on his looks. With that being said, the only thing I’ve ever shared, or that he’s ever been receptive of, is when I gave him an eye cream by RéVive. That’s about all he does. He doesn’t even have to wash his face that often, which makes me incredibly envious because I would have acne if I didn’t wash my face!

Hm, guess not.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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