CEO of the Official Kristin Cavallari App for iPhone and Android Kristin Cavallari recently consented to an interview with, a beauty blog, about how she “does it all.” The resulting article, which we briefly discussed last week, is titled, “Exclusive: How Kristin Cavallari Does It All (and Still Looks Amazing).”

So how? Does Kristin do it? All? Step one: she gets inspired by her own interests.

Byrdie: Where do you find inspiration for the content on your app, Kristin Cavallari Official?

Cavallari: I look at the app as my own mini magazine, which is based on all of my interests. It’s very health heavy, since I’m passionate about taking care of yourself, and there are fashion and beauty articles along with other various content, like sample workouts. I get a lot of feedback on the app, so I try to give my readers what they want.

We recorded some of that feedback on this site when Kristin decided to make her app cost $2.99 per month in June.

Kristin’s answer, it’s worth noting, is incomplete. She is clearly inspired by the blog “MoonDragon’s Realm,” from which she plagiarized a post about iodine last month.

(That’s how she does it all.)

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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