Since 2014, Kristin Cavallari has occasionally updated the Official Kristin Cavallari App for iPhone and Android with nonsensical items like “Best Bathing Suit For Different Body Types” and “The Secrets of Bone Broth,” which is her right as an American citizen. She has generously provided these semi-coherent musings free of charge...

Until today.

What was once free is now $2.99.

Per month.

Kristin obfuscated this fact in an Instagram post last night that shows Kristin carrying an ice cream cone (another lie).

She wrote in the caption:

New content up on my app! Includes a 3 day food diary, my trip to Napa, pregnancy fashion inspo, plus what pill I think everyone should be taking every single day. Check it out- search Kristin Cavallari in the App Store 👍

What Kristin did not mention is that if you try to click on “The Most Important Pill To Take Every Single Day” on the app, you are greeted with this screen:

Kristin are u for real. Kristin!

Like anyone else who follows the Official Kristin Cavallari App for business or pleasure, this financial reassessment was not welcome news. But don’t take my word for it—Kristin’s followers have been reacting to the announcement themselves since last night. The people are not happy.

In fact, there may be a révolution coming.

Here is a sampling of the user comments posted on Kristin’s Instagram and in the iTunes reviews of her app over the course of the last day.

I have really enjoyed your app & got a lot of good info from it, but I deleted it as soon as I saw it’s $2.99/month. Not happening!

Not gonna pay—sorry—deleting app.

App deleted...not worth $2.99 a month.

Do you hear the people sing?

Not paying! Get over yourself. You’re not that important.

Singing a song of angry men?

Paying for an app for u to tell me what pill to take 😂 yahhh k

It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!

$2.99 per month? You’re delusional.

When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums—

Thanks for locking up your content. 😕 I used to really like your app but now Im deleting it. Ill consider the book if it gets good reviews. And theres no way you take the 10 or so supplements you claim to take, including disgusting things like Aloe Vera juice and fermented food.

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

Like you don’t have enough money already. Paying for a blog is ridiculous. App has been deleted.

Will you join in our crusade?

I used to like this app but the new update requires you to pay for any her content. It’s cheap and greedy after offering this for free for so long. Deleting it.

Who will be strong and stand with me?

$3/mo app? Ridiculous

Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?

Why don’t you and jay cash out his deal with the Bears since “it’s just not home” Chicago doesn’t need his constant negative attitude and we definitely don’t need you. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻. Also, charging 2.99 a month is absolutely ridiculous since we (chicagoians) gave your hubby a boat load of money to suck. You can afford a free app.

Then join in the fight—

Why pay$2.99 when I could just read @laurenconrad blog for free!

That will give you the right to be free!

A message to our readers: We refuse to pay $2.99 for this app. And so, it seems the most important pill to take every single day will remain secret...


(But it’s probably birth control.)

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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