It’s been 135 days since Kristin Cavallari commenced work on her debut memoir, The Book Formerly Known As Balancing on Heels, and I began following her efforts with this column. Though I have not yet been able to review Kristin’s work (365 more days), today she has chosen to review mine.

In a new interview with com at her Nashville home, Kristin discusses Laguna Beach, her family life, the photo shoot for her book, and—for the first time ever (in public)—500 Days of Kristin. From Elle (dot com):

...[L]ike anyone else who the public perceives as having been gifted a better life on a silver platter, Cavallari is not without her detractors. In anticipation of Balancing in Heels, Defamer launched a tongue-in-cheek column called “500 Days of Kristin”; a statement about a controversial parenting choice has courted Internet backlash. “She’s trying to make me sound stupid,” Cavallari says of the author who writes the satirical countdown, “but all it’s doing is giving my book really good publicity.”

500 Days of Kristin is trying to make Kristin sound stupid, says Kristin.

Kristin is reading back her own words, taken from public sources, published verbatim, and thinking, “Whoever printed these words is trying to make me sound stupid.”

I’m grinning so hard there are tears in my eyes?

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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