In case you missed it yesterday: Kristin is pregnant.

She announced the news on the official Kristin Cavallari app for iPhone after teasing it on Instagram with the following photo:

“I’m announcing big news on my app today!” Kristin wrote in the caption. “Search Kristin Cavallari in the App Store. #EmeraldDuv @emeraldduvjewelry.”

But the news was not about Emerald Duv—pronunciation unknown—unless Kristin is planning to name her incubating fetus Emerald Duv. Follow Kristin’s trail of promotional social media links like breadcrumbs, and you’ll find this on her app:

According to an unsolicited and frankly unwelcome PR email we received today from [redacted] clothing, the wrinkly blouse Kristin is wearing in the photo above is the [redacted] blue and cream striped shirt, which retails online at [places that should be ashamed] for $220 USD.

By my calculations, this baby will arrive on or around Day 280 of Kristin. Kristin’s book will arrive


This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photo via Getty]