Zhang Ziyi, the Chinese actress who rocketed to international fame after starring roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Rush Hour, Hidden 2, was recently attacked by a flying drone at her birthday party. But, don't worry—it was the kind of drone every little girl dreams of one day being attacked by: a drone bearing an engagement ring. Congratulations to the beautiful bride-to-be!

The drone was sent careening toward Ziyi on behalf of her boyfriend Wang Feng, a rock singer and composer. Once it found her, Feng grabbed the ring from inside its attached basket, got down on one knee, and then another drone came swooping in—just kidding! He proposed. Via the AP:

"Witnessed by all, we have experienced happiness and sorrow. I hope Ziyi can always have the happiest time. If we both are old, I can still take care of you," said Wang, according to Chinese media reports.

Zhang welled up and said "I do," before the newly engaged couple kissed and embraced as the night sky lit up with fireworks, according to Chinese media reports.

Zhang's manager, Ji Lingling, confirmed the engagement news in a text message to The Associated Press on Monday.

"I do," said Zhang (reportedly). Not what you say when someone proposes, but perhaps she was a little rattled by the robot invasion of her 36th birthday party.

[Image via AP]