“We totally respect his decision,” One Direction wrote in a statement announcing Zayn Malik’s departure. “And send him all our love for the future.” *Maury voice* That’s a lie.

Today on Twitter, remaining 1D member Louis Tomlinson sent out a subtweet.

That zing about aesthetic design was in reference to this tweet, sent out by the British dance producer Naughty Boy.

It’s Zayn! Hi, Zayn.

Naughty Boy, whose song “La La La” you probably know even if you think you don’t, has taken it upon himself to taunt the remaining members of One Direction in the wake of Zayn’s departure, hence “Replace this.” Just a week after Zayn left the band, Naughty Boy posted a demo the two recorded together to Soundcloud, which prompted Louis to lash out like a debate kid shoved into a locker:

The two continued their fight today, having an argument only two very famous musicians could have:

Someone using Emeli Sande as the trump card in an argument is perhaps the most British thing that will happen all year.

In any event, Zayn had stayed out of it today, until:

All of these people are very rich and will be fine and should maybe get each other’s phone numbers or emails.