As you know, we at Defamer are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the length and style of former One Direction member and lifelong graffiti enthusiast Zayn Malik’s hair. It is worth noting that our reporting is not reliant upon agreeing with the choices made re: the length and style of said hair.

Zayn’s green now:

Heyyyy. That’s what it looks like he’s saying in this picture. Heyyyy. Gawker Senior Editor Caity Weaver offered this reaction to the sight of Zayn’s newly green head:

Caity: ew he’s like a green eminem

Caity: GREEN M&M

Caity: lol :)

Some of Zayn’s fans offered their reactions, as well:

But why did he do it? One fan offered a clue, and let me offer you a little clue to precede it—if his hair raised your awareness of World Environment Day, that was intentional:


With this change, we can construct and immediately add another exciting entry to the Zayn Malik Hair and Graffiti Timeline:

  • January 2015: Zayn Malik goes from shaggy long hair to hair that could be described as neither shaggy nor long. Fans’ reactions are largely positive, though one notes “zayn looks ugly bring back his japan hair.”
  • March 2015: Zayn Malik leaves One Direction but remains steadfast in his love of graffiti.
  • April 2015: Zayn Malik, after leaving One Direction and rudely going on vacation with his family, gets a very short haircut. Gawker writer Dayna Evans notes, “He’s definitely still hot.”
  • June 2015: Zayn Malik, obviously having kept up the short haircut he obtained in April, dyes his hair green. He looks like Eminem—with green hair. He looks like Sinead O’Connor—with green hair. He looks like a guy I went to high school with named Chris—with green hair. He looks like he’s got Kermit on his head. He’s a green guy now. Manic Panic Semi‑Permanent Hair Color Cream ‑ Green Envy. The change is allegedly “FOR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” because “HE IS TRYING TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT IT!” It looks bad, but his face still looks pretty.

Thank you.

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