Collaboration in Hollywood is nothing new. Writers and directors. Actors and producers. Gentiles and Jews. Jews and Jews. Jews and… Nazis? According to his upcoming book The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler, Ben Urwand says the two go hand-in-hand. Now the next time someone tries to talk about “Who runs Hollywood?” you can make the conversation even more uncomfortable.

First reviewed over two weeks ago in The Tablet and, in record speed, discussed today in The New York Times, Urwand provides new evidence that many Jewish Hollywood bosses worked actively and enthusiastically with the Nazi party when producing and editing films. According to Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt, these findings “could be a blockbuster.”

David Mikics at The Tablet makes clear that the partnerships themselves aren’t news. But while previous explorations of Hollywood and the Nazis “let the studio executives off the hook,” this book “alleges that some of the Hollywood studio heads, nearly all of whom were Jewish, cast their lot with Hitler almost from the moment he took power, and that they did so eagerly.” These relationships, based on new documents, lasted well beyond November 1938's Kristallnacht.

And in case you're wondering whether or not you'd share your Netflix password with Hitler: he apparently loved Mickey Mouse, Greta Garbo, and Laurel and Hardy but, understandably, had no patience for the “silly” Tarzan.