In a special Monday morning edition of Life Comes at You Fast, we have a story about Jason Biggs at the gym. The once-celebrated star of USA Candy was spotted at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca—a Kardashian favorite—by multiple Page Six “spies” who insist the actor was “sporting a paunch.”

The tone of the resulting Page Six report does not indicate that said paunch contributed to an overall desirable “dadbod” effect, despite the fact that Biggs is, indeed, a father.

The important thing is that Biggs was “getting encouragement from an instructor.” Per a source, the instructor told Biggs, “Jason! You can keep running!”

.....Jason, you can keep running.

Jason, you CAN keep running.


You can keep running!

According to the source, Biggs did keep running. It’s unclear if he ever stopped. The source only says that Biggs “hung in there,” despite the fact that nothing matters and death will come to all.

As you maneuver through the minor stresses and inconveniences of life today, take a moment to remember JASON U CAN KEEP RUNNING.

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