In a recent interview with Details, Kate Upton spilled the beans about why she hasn't yet—and may never—so sorry—pose #fullynude.

Upton explained to Details that, while she does respect women who bare it all ("Your body is art, your body is beautiful, and to be photographed in that way is amazing and it's received in a very positive way."), she has her own reason for holding back. What is that reason? Her answer is featured somewhere in this quiz, hidden among seemingly possible lies.

Can you correctly guess which answer is true?

Why Won't Kate Upton Pose Nude?

A. She has mirrors instead of private parts and if she posed nude you'd see the photographer.

B. Her vagina and boobs are actually just little Kate Upton heads and you've already seen her head so what's the point?

C. She is frequently nude in photographs: her personals simply look like bikini pieces.

D. She grows a new vagina and new boobs every day, so she never has enough time to get comfortable enough with them to share them with the world.

E. There isn't a photographer in the world who'd do it.

F. "But with social media and the Internet and not so great blogs and the attention like that, I don't think that my pictures would be received in the way that I'd want them to be received. That's why I've stayed away from them. I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the Internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that."

So, what do you think? (Answer key below.)

[Answer Key: F]

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