According to this report from The Wrap, a Texas real-estate developer owns unreleased footage depicting what he says is a second shooter in the John F. Kennedy assassination—footage he's owned for a number of years and that his agents at The Gersh Agency are only now trying to sell, in hopes of securing the highest price on the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

According to The Wrap, Gersh represents real estate developer Stephen Bowen, who is a principal in a tiny production company best known for making the Bill Pullman horror comedy Lake Placid. Bowen alleges that he purchased footage from a Houston television news producer, who had hung onto it for over 40 years. The film is said to depict a second shooter hiding in the bushes along the presidential motorcade route the day President John F. Kennedy was shot, as well as the lost and damaged frames from the iconic footage Abraham Zapruder sold to Time back in 1963.

Bowen, who has owned the footage for some portion of the last decade, is only coming forward with it now because he felt the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination was the best time to "bring it to market." Gersh's Jay Cohen is said to be brokering the deal, with screenings being held next week in Los Angeles for news networks. Though no one has actually gone on record as having seen the footage, if it is indeed real, it's incredibly smarmy that Bowen would hold onto the footage for multiple years, solely in hopes of increasing its sale price. For Gersh to support that, in hopes of making 10%, is even worse.

In the past year, both Robert Kennedy Jr. and John Kerry have come out as saying they don't believe the lone gunman theory of Lee Harvey Oswald acting as a solo shooter.