Jay-Z and Beyoncé are moving to Los Angeles, TMZ reported today. The cross-country shift is permanent enough that the couple have enrolled their daughter Blue Ivy at an "elite private school" that TMZ says costs $15,080 per year, but refuses to name. Why?

Here is the exact bit from TMZ's story:

We've also learned the famous couple enrolled their 3-year-old into a toddler program at an elite private school — we know which one but we're not naming it. But we will tell you, the tuition is $15,080 a year.

For some reason, TMZ is feigning interest in protecting the privacy of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's child. Never mind, of course, that TMZ included the part about the family looking to buy a place in "the westside of L.A., which includes Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel-Air." There are something like a handful of elite private pre-schools—Center For Early Education, Crestwood Hills Co-Op to name a few—between these neighborhoods. Which means that they've left just enough crumbs so that if you happen to have a decent working knowledge of L.A.'s private school scene, it's probably not too hard to figure out where Blue Ivy will be learning to count.

So, what exactly is TMZ's motive here? The site has never seemed to care about the welfare of celebrity children—see, for instance, their reporting on Michael Jackson's teenage daughter Paris. You could argue that they are softening up, but they've pulled this card before.

You may remember when, last summer, video of a teenaged Justin Bieber telling racist jokes was posted online by the British tabloid The Sun. Soon after, TMZ reported that they had been in possession of the footage for years, but declined to post it "in large part because [Bieber] was 15." In reality, TMZ likely used the tapes to leverage access with the pop star. Then, once the floodgates had been opened by another outlet, they went ahead and put up even more video of Bieber making racist jokes.

Teasing but not revealing Blue Ivy's new school means that information is valuable to the site for some reason. Are they trying to curry favor with Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Perhaps, but those two have never played ball with the paparazzi, including TMZ. It's more likely that TMZ is protecting a source inside the unnamed private school who, presumably, dishes dirt about the other rich and famous kids waddling in its halls.

We, on the other hand, have no one to protect. Do you have a guess as to the private school opening its playground to the most famous baby in America? Drop a tip below or email me at jordan@gawker.com.

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