If you taught Taylor Swift how to give blow jobs and planned on building a site detailing that experience for the web, here's some bad news: itaughttaylorswifthowtogivehead.com was registered earlier today, reportedly through a brand protection company hired by the brunch enthusiast/alleged blow job pupil's management team.

According to Domain Name Wire, brand protection firm MarkMonitor registered "itaughttaylorswifthowtogivehead.com" and several other Taylor Swift-related domains this morning, just hours after the New York Daily News reported that Swift had filed a lawsuit against her former guitar teacher for registering itaughttaylorswift.com.

MarkMonitor reportedly works with TAS Rights Management, Swift's management team, to preemptively register domains in order to protect the singer's image and copyright. As Domain Name Wire notes, MarkMonitor is sometimes given permission to register domains without their clients' approval, so it's not clear if anyone from Swift's camp explicitly ordered the registration of itaughttaylorswifthowtogivehead.com, or if she has ever received formal instruction in that area.

[Images via Getty // Domain Name Wire]