The only thing keeping you from seeing former Disney star Miley Cyrus' genitals is a conveniently-placed bath bubble in this new V magazine shot, which features Ms. Cyrus standing erect in a tub, fully nude. If you are not in sacred house of worship, here, look:

The good news for everyone currently decorating their homes is that V magazine has included a large-sized foldout poster of this image with every new issue, which is on newsstands today. As Miley explains on Instagram, "order yurrrr copy nowwwww cumzzzz w ol school pull out postahhhh photography by @cheythom fuck yaaaas weez a bunch of happy hippies ova hurrrr! ❤️ Muah Vfam!"

There are also lots of other photos of Miley's nipples in the issue, some of which she has already posted to Instagram.

Congratulations to all.

[Photo via V magazine]