Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims recently spilled the beans on an element of the final season of NBC's Parenthood. Now we have until the show's September return to speculate about the specifics.

Katims was quoted by The Wrap as saying, at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, that Parenthood's final season (which premieres on September 25) will revolve around one larger storyline that affects everyone in the family:

"One of the things I wanted to do for the season was to find one larger story that influences everybody on the show. The story is going to be introduced in the first episode and play throughout the season. It's a huge new challenge for the family and one that we didn't see before… In this case, I feel like I want to to do something that starts at the beginning of the season, by the way there will be as many story lines going on as usual, but this will be something that tracks us throughout the year."

But, arrgh, Mr. Katims, what is the challenge going to be?! I'll start guessing, but please feel free to join in with your own theories:

  • The Luncheonette has to close because Ashes of Rome's album fails to sell the required one billion copies in order to cover the months and months of studio time dedicated solely to it, plus the cost of The Luncheonette becoming a record label and music publishing and distribution house or whatever.
  • Sydney disappears. Where did she go? Hmm. Huh. Oh, is she still missing? Damn.
  • Haddie and Tavi get engaged and the season is spent planning their wedding.
  • Both grandparents die.
  • Zeek dies, everyone blames him or herself.
  • Camille dies, everyone blames him or herself but mostly they blame Zeek.
  • Joel dies in a construction accident. OH NO!
  • Ray Romano steals Max, and Kristina is just so sad and so upset with Sarah.
  • Sarah is a doctor now, no explanation given.
  • Something with Crosby's former boat.
  • Adam dies unexpectedly in his hospital bed after recovering from brain hemorrhage. His body is wrapped in a shroud and buried in a local park. It makes sense, really—wasn't the whole series ultimately about his death?
  • Drew dies in a car accident because his car was built by an old man who apparently can't even make himself a bowl of cereal and an illiterate child. (No offense to Victor, I know he eventually won an essay contest.)
  • Amber is pregnant, obviously, because at the end of the last season she looked at a pregnancy test after having hospital sex with her broken ex-fiancé and we all know what that means.
  • Amber is pregnant and her ex-fiancé, whatever his name is, dies! Oh nooo.

Probably one of those? Probably the Ashes of Rome one. Let me know if I missed any possibilities!

[image via NBC]