Jessica Chastain has "no idea" what she is wearing to Sunday's Golden Globes. Girl, it's Thursday! Let's help her.

According to People, Chastain spoke to reporters about her dresslessness at the National Board of Review awards gala in New York City on Tuesday, saying:

"I have a press day in New York, then I'm flying to L.A. and I have a fitting and hopefully something will fit! It's the first time I've ever gone to an awards show and not had more of an idea of what I'm going to wear earlier."

Jessica Chastain, my man! You think you can take your Hollywood body and pretty hair and beautiful face and throw them in any old dress a stylist has chosen for you and have it be fine even though you didn't do it a couple weeks in advance? Give me a break. Here is a selection of perfectly good options, available for you NOW NOW NOW!

This Mossimo® Women's Faux Leather Trim Dress is available in assorted colors, but I do think Jessica Chastain would be wise to stick with the classic "Athens Blue Combo," as it would best complement her red hair and fair skin. For $14.98 and 10% off with code, Jessica Chastain would be a fool not to buy this dress for the Golden Globes.

Fashion is about taking risks, and here, if Jessica Chastain chooses this Mossimo® Women's High Low Racerback Dress - Assorted Colors for the Golden Globes, she will take two: wearing a racerback dress to an awards show in January, and purchasing a dress that she has not yet seen on a human body. Why doesn't she look at the pictures of the dress on the model that are available under the photo of the dress the website displays automatically? Girl, Jessica Chastian does not have time! It's Thursday!

Oh man, if Jessica Chastain could get her hands on the gown Taylor Swift wore to the 2014 Met Gala, I think that would be really something. This is a nice dress and it looked nice on Taylor Swift—why not Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes?

Oh my god. Remember Jennifer Lawrence's dress from when she fell at the Oscars? That dress was so beautiful, Jessica Chastain you should get this dress!

This one was all right, you can wear this one again?

Actually it seems like you wear this style a lot—go for something a little different, why not, have fun with it!

Maybe this?

I don't know, Jessica Chastain! Get a dress!

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