Might Louis Tomlinson not have impregnated Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth? An In Touch source says: [suggestive shrug and raising of eyebrows].

Until Michael Strahan sprung his gotcha congratulations on Louis Tomlinson in early August, the boys of One Direction had been steadfastly tight-lipped about Tomlinson’s supposed impregnation of Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth. Many believe this is because Tomlinson was waiting to confirm the allegation until he could obtain the results of a paternity test, an idea echoed in July by a separate In Touch source.

Now this other In Touch source says Jungwirth was totally doing it with another dude when she was doing it with Louis, and maybe that dude is the father—who knows??:

“Someone very close to Briana says Louis wasn’t the only guy she was hooking up with when she got pregnant,” a source tells In Touch. “She was having sex with someone else at the same time, so the baby may not be Louis’.

“Once the baby is born, it looks like Briana will have no choice but to get a paternity test,” the source explains.

Damn, bagging the most beautifully feminine-looking member of One Direction and some other dude? Check out this chick.

The source concludes his or her confession, woefully: “The situation is so messed up.”


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