Over the past few days, have you been tormented by the lack of an apology from whoever Drake Bell is regarding whatever he said about Caitlyn Jenner on his presumably active though who can say Twitter account? Worry no more.

On Monday, June 1, “Drake Bell,” a man neither Drake nor bell, tweeted, and promptly deleted, “Sorry...Still calling you Bruce.” A decision that caused Caitlyn much heartache, I’m sure. Oh no, not Drake Bell—not my favorite [Drake Bell’s profession or, more likely, former profession].

However, as we know, if a thoughtlessly rude tweet falls in a timeline and no one cares to see it, it does still make the sound of forcing the tweeter’s publicist’s assistant to draft an insincere apology:

“Drake Bell” is so sorry you might have been hurt by his innocent comments.


Thank you, “Drake Bell.”

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