Comedian Katt Williams has more or less been out of the news for a while, which is a good thing because when he is in the news it usually involves him fleeing from police on an ATV or fighting his fans. But all of a sudden Williams is making headlines again in stories with bizarre circumstances.

It started a week ago at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, when a swarm of cops drew their weapons after Williams reportedly pulled a gun on a heckler:

A report alleging that comedian Katt Williams pulled a gun on someone near the Comedy Store in West Hollywood early Wednesday is being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, authorities said.

Deputies received a 911 call about a man with a gun at around 2 a.m., sheriff's Sgt. Dave Valentine said.

Williams "got involved in a verbal argument with somebody else up there and apparently that argument moved down the street where he allegedly pulled a gun on somebody," Valentine said.

Williams for his part says he, uh, was attacked by four gang members:

Katt tells TMZ ... he was actually the victim ... verbally attacked and threatened by 4 gangbangers who repeatedly called him "Cuz" ... Crip slang referring to the rival Bloods gang.

The comedian goes on to say things got physical when the 4 guys followed him to his car and began assaulting him.

But Katt says he never pulled a gun ... never even had one. So the 911 call reporting he was brandishing a weapon is absurd ... or so he says.

Just another normal night at the comedy club. Yet, it gets weirder: Williams was involved in two incidents on the Pacific Coast Highway this week alone.

The first happened on Monday night, when Williams rear-ended a car in his Rolls Royce. He alleges that the car he hit pulled up next to him and started taking photos and challenging him to a fight (?) before swerving in front of him and causing the accident. A day later, Williams was driving on the PCH in a three-wheeler with a security guard trailing him. All seemed to be going be fine until a guy started kicking the security guard's car (??) leading the security guard to tase him right there on the street (???).

Williams has yet to be charged in any of the three incidents, which is good because he is funny and it's better if he's not in jail.

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