The movie Jon Stewart took off from the Daily Show to direct last summer, Rosewater, is out this November, right at the kickoff of awards flick season. Has Jon Stewart made the kind of high-minded prestige film destined for Oscar greatness? Maybe! The first trailer certainly positions the movie to be more serious than what we're used to seeing from Stewart.

The film is adapted from the book Then They Came for Me, by Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari (played by Gael García Bernal), who was held and interrogated by the Iranian government for 118 days while in the country covering the protests that erupted following the 2009 presidential elections for Newsweek.

But it might also be portentous: In one moment from trailer, a protester turns to Bernal's character, gestures at his camera, and says, "You have a real weapon and choose not to use it." We'll see.