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Oh my God, Michael Keaton thought he was going to win Best Actor. Oscar prognosticators had Redmayne and Birdman's Michael Keaton nearly neck-and-neck for the prize. Keaton was ready to win. He wanted to win. Oh my God, he wanted to win so bad and then he didn't and then he had to stuff his acceptance speech back in his jacket pocket and it was so, so, so sad Jesus.

Watch the clip above closely: As Cate Blanchett prepares to announce the winners, the camera is trained on the five nominees. When she calls Redmayne's name, Keaton rushes to tuck the little piece of paper under his arm in order to clap. :(

Redmayne approaches the stage, and at 23 seconds in the video, the camera pans to the audience, where in the bottom right corner of the screen, a poor and scrambling Keaton is clearly visible shoving the speech back into his jacket pocket. :( :( :( :( :(

[H/T Daily Mail]