Last night, a number of late night hosts paid tribute to legendary comedian Joan Rivers, who passed away yesterday at age 81. In case you didn't catch every single one of them, you can watch them remember her life and celebrate her influence now.

Conan O'Brien remembered watching Joan guest-host the Tonight Show, saying, "It's hard to explain to people today what an event that was. People would gather in the living room and at that time she was so outrageous, her comedy felt so out of the bounds and people were just blown away."

Jimmy Fallon fought back tears while he spoke about being the one to welcome Joan back to the Tonight Show in his emotional tribute. (It is not really available online, save for this YouTube video that cuts out abruptly at the end.)

Seth Meyers spoke about Joan's ability to find humor in darkness, saying, "I wish she were here right now, because if she were here right now, she would make a joke about how she just passed away. And she would get away with it. Because it would be really funny."

David Letterman, a longtime friend of Joan Rivers, told stories and spoke about her wide influence. "Joan Rivers, ladies and gentleman. We're sorry she's gone."

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel said Rivers was not just a pioneer for women in comedy, but for everyone in comedy, adding, " Joan was a very lucky person because she loved her job so much, she never wanted to stop and she didn't have to stop, because she was still great at it."

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