If you've ever fantasized of thruppling it up with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, now's your chance make dreams a reality. All you have to do is make a $10 donation, and you'll be entered to win a double date with two of Boston's finest exports.

Partnering with Omaze, a charity fundraising site, Affleck and Damon are offering a night out in Hollywood for the lucky winner:

You and your best friend will be flown to Los Angeles to go out with Ben and Matt to a super secret, super cool, Hollywood event. You'll be rubbing elbows with other fancy celebs and athletes as Ben and Matt's VIP guests, and so much more. It'll basically be the most legendary best friend double date in history.

"So much more," huh? We'll see about that. The proceeds from each entry will be split between Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative and Damon's Water.org.

What will a date with Affleck and Damon be like?

Affleck: "It will be like a best friend double date."

Damon: "Like us hanging out taking selfies, talking about how the Sox are going to do."

Affleck: "Or if you have more sophisticated interests we can talk about 19th century literature or politics in the Middle East ... or we could talk about the movie 'Argo,' which won Best Picture."

Damon: "Or we could talk about 'Good Will Hunting' and who did the bulk of the writing."

Affleck: "Or you could learn about things that are actually true, like how incredibly short Matt Damon is."

Damon: "Or the fact that Ben Affleck's left eye twitches every time you say the word Gigli."

Both men always seems like such good sports, so if you're into paying money to go out with two married dudes who will spend the night teasing each other—not judging—it's probably worth a shot.

[h/t Neetzan]