Are you a bank? If no: are you a lunatic who's about to throw a bunch of money in the garbage because you can't find anything Twin Peaks-related to give it to? Hey, hold on! Maybe you want to give it to this Kickstarter instead!

The Palmer house, as seen in the Twin Peaks pilot and Fire Walk With Me, is up for sale in in Everett, Washington for $549,950. Seattle's Stephen Lange would like to buy the house and, barring any complications that will arise from it existing in a residential area, turn it into a business: part museum and part bed and breakfast. Because the business will be related to a deeply- if not widely-loved piece of pop culture, he'd like it if you could please help pay for it:

"This is going to be a huge undertaking, so we're going to need help from each and every one of you. But if we succeed, we're all going to have a place where we can bask in the terrifying beauty that is Twin Peaks."

Uh-huh. The Kickstarter has a goal of $600,000. Here's the whole pitch:

Pledge rewards range from personalized tweets to Palmer House memberships and overnight rentals. And, of course, the satisfaction that comes with knowing you gave your hard-earned money to a group of strangers trying to start a bed and breakfast that sort of has something to do with a TV show you like.

[h/t LAist]