Via Wikipedia, the following information regarding character names in two early-aughts Olsen twin productions has come to our attention:


Winning London was a straight-to-DVD film that followed Chloe Lawrence (Mary-Kate Olsen) and her twin sister Riley (Ashley Olsen) as they competed in a Model UN tournament in London.

So Little Time was a Fox Family sitcom about Chloe Carlson (Ashley Olsen) and her twin sister Riley (Mary-Kate Olsen), who live in California. Sample episode summary via Wikipedia: “Riley becomes addicted to massage therapy, while Chloe tries to work up the nerve to ask Lennon out on a date.”

Did Ashley demand to be Chloe? Or did Mary-Kate demand to be Riley? Or did Ashley demand to be Mary-Kate?

Photo of Mary Kate and Ashley wearing nameplate necklaces that they could just exchange whenever they feel like it I guess via Getty. Contact the author at