Jennifer Lawrence is the cronut of actresses, and journalists are the blinkered midwestern tourists lined up around the block for a taste. (Emma Roberts, in this analogy, is probably still Emma Roberts.)

Rolling Stone thinks she is "America's Kick-Ass Sweetheart." The Los Angeles Times swears she's totes comfortable in her own skin. Jezebel has an 11-item ode to why she's your BFF in your head. The Huffington Post wants to do "things" with Jennifer Lawrence because she is their friend crush. Vulture breaks down why Jennifer Lawrence is everybody's BFF. (So does Perez Hilton.)

She even took—and responded to—over 400 best friend applications after her Oscar victory for Silver Linings Playbook.

The latest entry in America's secret diary: Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter, who puts in a particularly unique application in the form of his cover story for the September issue. What makes everyone love/adore/assume false familiarity with the best Jen to hit America since Pitt dumped Aniston? Just some of the things Van Meter fell in love with:

And therein lies the biggest surprise about Jennifer Lawrence: She has the soul of a comedian and can riff on just about anything that crosses her path. She did a 20-minute monologue about sponges.

Moments after Lawrence first walks into the restaurant and sits down, she takes off her shoes to show me her toes. They are blue.

At one point she picked up my RadioShack tape recorder and examined it: “This thing is archaic. Are you going to write this whole thing out longhand, with, like, a pen?”

Not that Jonathan (last seen being Anthony Weiner's BFF) would write yet another bit of slobbery J-Lawr suck-up! He's so down with her he barely even notices how funny and smart she is. Isn't it weird what a big deal the press makes of her, really?

Justine says, “What did you guys talk about for four hours?” I mention that one of the things we discussed is how odd it is that the press makes such a big deal over how “refreshingly unfiltered” her friend is, just because she has opinions and is funny.

That's Justine Ciarrochi, Jennifer's real life BFF (and personal assistant). Oh well. There's always your head.

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