Bad rapper Vanilla Ice claims he's getting a bad rap with respect to his alleged burglary of a Florida home. Although some of the items reported stolen were found in his possession, Ice (a.k.a. Rob VanWinkle) says he didn't break into the house, he just took a bunch of what appeared to be trash from the curb.

"It'll get cleared up, you'll see," Ice told NBC Miami.

Ice was arrested Wednesday, and told cops he intended to purchase the home, located next to a house he'd been renovating for his reality TV show, The Vanilla Ice Project. But, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC, he had "no contract or down payment on the property."

The rapper-turned-home-improver admitted to police that "he was telling everyone on the set that he purchased the house...even though he had not done so." He said he found the allegedly stolen items, including furniture, bicycles, and a pool heater, on the street outside, and assumed they were trash.

But the foreman for Ice's remodeling crew told police a different story: according to NBC, he said Ice had him remove stuff from the home—which, again, he claimed to own—and take it to Ice's property.

According to the real estate broken who represents the home, Ice's opinion that the goods in question were junk is pretty much true, which makes it a mystery why anyone would break in and steal them.

"Whoever it is, why would you jeopardize going to jail for basically junk? It was just worthless furniture and some items so it doesn't make much sense," Jim Lovely told NBC. "The house wasn't full of Picassos, so it wasn't a high-dollar heist, so it's just the principal of having to secure the place two and three times."

If you need someone to secure the house, Jim, there's a guy in the area who installs surveillance systems. I hear he's really good, and he even did the place next door.

[Photo: NBC Miami]