23-year-old British socialite Chloe Green has broken her silence regarding Kate Moss’s allegedly drunken air travel mishap from earlier this month. “Had it been any other passenger,” she told the Daily Mail, “it would’ve been a non-story.” Do go on, British socialite Chloe Green.

If you don’t remember, about one week ago Kate Moss was escorted from an already-landed flight after engaging in some allegedly drunken behavior. She allegedly called the pilot a “basic bitch,” report some witnesses. She allegedly drank vodka stowed in her carry-on after being denied alcohol. Allegedly, she was Kate Moss—beautiful Kate Moss—exhibiting some Kate Moss-like behavior.

According to Green, the whole situation was blown out of proportion by gossip-hungry airlines, witnesses, and media. Moss just gets “excitable” when she travels, Green claims, in a way that sounds exceedingly like shade:

“I really think they handled it badly as an airline. I’ve travelled with Kate a few times and although she can be quite loud and excitable, it’s always in a playful way.”

She continued, “The whole issue was blown out of proportion and people need to remember that when you’re a celebrity you’re also a target. People will always try to embellish it.”

New-ish witness reports from The Sun, however, paint a slightly different—if not entirely contradictory—picture. It was about sandwiches and also sort of about pasta, say these reports:

“She was sitting at the back with her friend and they were kicking off because the plane had run out of the sandwiches she wanted.

The flight attendants were taking a break at the back and eating their food when Kate shouted, ‘It’s f**king all right for them to eat pasta when we’re hungry.’”

Kate Moss was starving for sandwiches!!!!!!

Why didn’t Kate Moss or one of the wealthy people with whom she was traveling spring for an airline that would have more sandwiches, or maybe a private jet with a sandwich caterer? You have the money—so why not just get the jet, Kate Moss? Or buy your own sandwich and carry it in your purse? (Probably the airplane sandwich wouldn’t be particularly good anyway, even if you were able to snag the kind you “wanted,” just saying—did you think of that, Kate Moss?)

I guess we’ll have to wait on another British socialite to break her silence in order to find the answers to these burning Qs. Please email me if you are a British socialite: kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.

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