Here we go again: Supermodel, actress, reality TV host, and Harvard certificate haver Tyra Banks has landed a deal with Disney-ABC for a new syndicated daytime talk show to air in 2015. According to Deadline, the still untitled show will center on Banks "leading a team of lifestyle experts as they tackle a wide-range of topics."

Her first talk show, the Tyra Banks Show, aired from 2005 to 2010 on the CW, and was an indispensable exercise in surrealism. She also offered the kind of indelible life advice only Tyra can deliver:

She also really liked stunts. She donned a fat suit. She donned a man suit. If it was absurd, she didn't want to do it — she wanted to do something even crazier, like, uh, invite a father who waxes his daughter's bikini area on to her show.

Welcome back, Tyra, you crazy mastermind.

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