In an awkward interview Monday with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon discussed Fallon's February transition into Leno's Tonight Show slot. The two comedians even managed to make some "jokes" that were "funny," if uncomfortable, forced humor is your thing.

Reiterating his hurt feelings, the twice-fired champion of The Tonight Show reminds viewers that what happened with that whole Conan thing in 2009 was unfair. But don't worry, Leno's cool with it now, ok? Totally cool. Why?

This time I was asked. The last time I was sort of told, "This is what's happening."

Now that NBC is again forcing Leno out (it's cool, he was asked!), reporters have many questions about his relationship with his replacement. When Lauer asked him to describe the nature of his friendship with Fallon, Leno gushed:

I think it's a professional relationship.

As for Fallon, he also holds his relationship with Leno in high regard:

We talk every couple of weeks or something like that.

The awkwardness culminated when Lauer asked Fallon if he expected tension with other late night hosts. Fallon responded, "I don't think for me. I don't think there's ever going to be anything tense." Leno, the hilarious man who was forced to leave and later asked to leave again, hilariously began a faux-coughing / laughing fit. "Ridiculous!" Leno squealed.

Ridiculous, indeed.

Lauer said more of the interview will air next week.

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