In early April, Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington said that he would “be a good little hunk and shut up.” Yet here he is, still talking.

Before we get to it, it might be helpful to address the most common concern voiced each time we consider Kit Harington’s status as World’s Most Tortured Beauty with the Hardest Life in Hollywood: “If this were a woman, you would take her complaints more seriously.”

Well, right.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, check out this dense as hell complaint voiced in a recent BBC Radio 1 interview, after Harington was asked what his least favorite interview question is:

“There is always someone who wants to ask me about my hair and it just drives me insane. It’s hair, it’s just hair. I’m just amazed by it, it follows me everywhere.”

Truly amazing. You are there to talk about your job, and the interviewer just wants to focus on a facet of your appearance. You are just trying to do your work, and you are consistently made to feel like an object. We allow this to go on? Who will speak up for the voiceless? Incredible.

Harington added:

“When people focus too much on people’s looks or appearance for a role, it can sometimes feel like that is all that’s being focused on. Sometimes you want to try and get away from that.”

Understandably frustrating, yes. And, of course, no one knows that better than one of the male actors from Game of Thrones.

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