Beautiful human male Tom Hiddleston will star as country legend Hank Williams in the upcoming biopic I Saw the Light. Of course—and please, brace your little, cheatin' hearts—this means that he will also sing.

It's easy to be skeptical about famous musicians' biopics, because securing the rights to the artists' songs can be tricky (as Andre 3000, Penn Badgley, and Jenna Maroney know all too well), but Deadline reports that producers have already obtained the rights to several of Williams' standards, like "Your Cheatin' Heart," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," and "Hey Good Lookin'."

The film will reportedly tell the story of Williams'—who died of heart failure at the age of 29—rise to fame, and the toll it took on his personal life. The script will be based on Colin Escott's Hank Williams biography and Marc Abraham will direct.

News of Hiddleston's casting broke on Thursday night after he tweeted this photo:

I Saw The You Are So Handsome This Movie Will Be Great.

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