When he's not busy adorably abusing children for Comedy Central, Tom Hiddleston can take credit for helping Disney and Marvel turn Thor into a franchise. In an interview with Slashfilm, Hiddleston—who plays impossibly hot supervillain Loki—shares how an offhand conversation with Marvel president Kevin Feige led to a major plot point (don't worry, it's spoiler free) for the sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

While doing press for The Avengers, Feige and Hiddleston were on a plane together, and Hiddleston used the opportunity to pitch Feige some ideas for his character. One of them stuck: that after two films as antagonists, Loki and Thor should team up against an even greater force, despite the animosity between the pair. "Wouldn't it be amazing if they fought side by side for whatever reason in whatever complicated allegiance? It would still be great if somehow they had to overcome their differences and fight a common enemy? [sic] There'd be a lot of drama and tension and comedy that could come out of that thing."

Feige agreed with Hiddleston, and thus the sexual tension between Chris Hemsworth and Hiddleston lived to see another installment.