Awww, little baby Tom Cruise? Is widdle baby Tommy Cruise scared? Sweetie widdle bitty baby Cruisey? Widdle scaredy guy, bitty baby boy? Aww, widdle bitty baby boy?

Tiny little sweetie baby Tom Cruise spoke on Tuesday to an audience of theater owners at CinemaCon, whatever that is, about the stunts he was required to perform while filming Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Bitty baby peanut.

Variety has his explanation:

The sequence required the star to an Airbus A400M as it soared 5,000 feet in the air, something that necessitated wearing special contact lenses so he could keep his eyes open despite the wind pressure.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” Cruise quipped, as he presented behind-the-scenes footage of his air flight, adding, ” I want to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.”

Teeny tiny baby had to wear his widdle baby contacts to protect his mini widdle eyes from the wind pressure? Aww, baby. Sweet baby! Variety continues:

The ever affable Cruise laughed off the risks, but copped to a few twinges of anxiety. There was one shot of the actor giving the crew a thumbs up sign indicating he was ready for takeoff.

“I’m actually scared sh–less,” Cruise said.

Awww. Baby! Our baby was scared. :)

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