TMZ reports that Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes "do not communicate at all" these days. Why?

Neither Katie nor Tom have commented, obviously, because they have been focusing really hard on not talking. TMZ's sources say the exes have taken their vow of silence with each other so seriously that they don't even have "direct co-parenting discussions" about their nine-year-old daughter, Suri. Her parenting is all arranged through intermediaries, naturally, while her actual parents remain stone-faced and tight-lipped, determined to win the quiet game at all costs.

You might be thinking, I wonder if Tom's chosen religion, Scientology, is to blame for all this. You could certainly make that argument, but TMZ reports that the Scientology community has not labeled Katie a "Suppressive Person." This means that Tom is legally and morally free to talk to her and vice versa.

According to TMZ, Tom and Katie do not speak because they simply "have an intense dislike for one another." Ah.

Also Katie held hands with Jamie Foxx that one time.

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