The Wrap reports that TMZ's social media experiment Famous in 12—a reality show which proposed that a regular family, the Artiagas, could be made famous after filming and televising their lives for 12 weeks—has been canceled by the CW after five weeks. That settles that, then!

The Artiagas were chosen as the focus of the show based on a video submission—one of 10,000 received. Here's the Wrap on how the show met its end:

The show's executive producer and TMZ founder Harvey Levin told family members on Tuesday's episode that not enough people were watching to keep the show going.

The series' fifth episode and now season finale earned a low 0.2 rating/ 1 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and attracted only 520,000 total viewers.

I hope we all learned a valuable lesson about making reality television bets that we could not ever reasonably keep.

[image via CW]