Last week, in response to a Defamer post soliciting stories about celebrities behaving badly, a reader left a lengthy tale about Kevin Spacey cruising him in a Santa Monica spa. (“After a few minutes,” the reader wrote, “he starts rubbing his crotch through his towel.”) This reminded us of three other Spacey rumors that came our way after we revisited a Star magazine story about the 55-year-old actor cuddling with a male model in a Los Angeles park. You’ll find them below (along with cameos by Bryan Singer, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and Matthew McConaughey).

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1. “Spacey is definitely at least bi”

From: [Redacted]
Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 10:49 AM
Subject: Kevin Spacey

Just a heads up, Spacey is definitely at least bi. My ex-sister-in-law met up with him in a New Orleans bar (I’m sure I can get the date and pictures for you), and, no shit, he ended up spending the night at her house. Her house being open to a lot of different people, there were dudes there, and she told me is that he offered to blow one of them to help him get back to wherever he was supposed to be. That probably seems like an out of left field story, but it’s the story I was told.

2. “Bryan Singer caught Kevin Spacey getting a hand job”

From: [Redacted]
Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Subject: Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer’s Boyfriend (confirming Cohen’s assertion)

I rarely respond or comment to articles online and certainly never email their authors unsolicited, but wanted to share a quick story about Spacey that I think confirms [Bravo host Andy] Cohen’s assertion [that Kevin Spacey is gay]:

I was working in development for The Donner Company on the first “X-MEN” film in 1997-1998. Kevin Feige was Lauren Schuler-Donner’s assistant (it was his efforts on this first film that landed him the job as President, Marvel Studios) and I worked for her President, Michael Aguilar as an assistant. Anyway, Bryan Singer was directing “X-MEN.” It was his first film after “Usual Suspects” and I was working closely with his assistant every day on script notes. He was paranoid about the script leaking so every copy was numbered on red pages and needed to be hand delivered to the powers that be which is why his assistant was in the offices every day. Everyone from Kevin Smith to Andy Kevin Walker had already taken a pass at writing early drafts and once we had Singer attached to direct we had limited time to deliver a polished script and get the studio to green light it before it went into turn around. Needless to say we were all working very closely and this is the story Singer’s personal assistant told me that I will never forget:

“The Usual Suspects” almost never got made because Bryan Singer caught Kevin Spacey getting a hand job in his trailer from Bryan’s boyfriend and Bryan went ballistic. Walked off the set after a tantrum and they had to shut production down until they could calm him down. Thank god they did because it was a great fucking movie!

You can choose to believe it or not, but I haven’t repeated that story in over 20 years. Your article reminded me of it today so I figured I would share…



PS: I also have a story confirming Tom Cruise being gay…an old friend James Calciano was the President of Cruise Wagner Productions during the filming of “Mission: Impossible II” in Budapest and walked in on Tom having a “cigar party” with a number of naked young men by the fireplace in the great room of a castle they had rented for the shoot. Enjoy! (and smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em! I guess.)

3. “Things turned into an orgy”

From: [Redacted]
Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Kevin Spacey


Not sure if you can use this. But, I have some info on Kevin Spacey’s sexuality. Back in the late 90’s, I was living in NYC, doing the whole actor thing for many years.

Long story short, a friend of mine was living with Spacey; in an apartment Spacey used when he was in the city. My friend lived there, rent-free. He just had to have sex [with] Spacey, when Spacey was in town. He also had to hide all pictures of Spacey, when Spacey was out of town. That was weird. But, of course, my friend showed them to us. There was photos of them making out & such.

One night, when Spacey was in town, my friend invited a couple of us to go out with Spacey & him. It was fun. Kevin was a really funny guy. But, he’s obviously gay, when he lets his hair down (so to speak). He was all hands on deck with my friend & he was hitting on me pretty hard. He was hitting on several guys, to be fair.

We all went back to the apt & continued the party. Party favors & drinks were being consumed by all. At about 4am, things turned into an orgy. That wasn’t really my scene (all dudes), so I politely excused myself. But, not before being groped by Spacey.

He’s a cool guy. I thought, at that time, that everyone knew he was gay. He was certainly flamboyant about it. He was weird about the photos, though. But, that’s my Kevin Spacey story. He should just come out, already. He seemed much happier being his big, gay self.

PS: Will Smith & Jada Pinkett are bi-sexual, btw. I dated a girl who bartended @ Peanuts, in LA, back in the early 00’s. Not sure if it’s still there. It was a popular nightclub for black men & women ‘on the down low.’ Will & Jada would hold court there, almost every night. Will would be with a bunch of shirtless dudes. Jada would be a little tigress with all the ladies. They would all be rubbing all over each other. Making out. But, in a weird way, it seemed to strengthen Will & Jada’s relationship. They would constantly be looking at each other with love in their eyes, then they’d go back to fooling around with their boy & girl toys.

There ya go. A few of my little gossipy tidbits from my time in NY & LA.

Hope it’s helpful. Cheers!

UPDATE: A few more readers have sent in their stories, which we’ve copied below.

4. The Male Companion

From: [Redacted]
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 12:37 PM
Subject: Kevin Spacey


In regards to your Kevin Spacey inquiry: my parents saw Kevin Spacey holding hands and making out with a male companion on a beach in Aruba.* My father liked Spacey’s hat, so he walked up to the couple and asked where Spacey had purchased said hat. Spacey didn’t try to act like he wasn’t with the man, chatted with my father, told him where to get the hat and went on his gay way.

When my parents returned from Aruba* they told the story in sort of a “ohhhh....Kevin Spacey isn’t out??” kind of way.

* The same reader clarifies:

It was actually in Puerto Rico, not Aruba—my bad. Clearly my parents go on a lot of vacations without their adult children.

My father says “the other guy looked like arm candy. It was in 2008, in Puerto Rico at the Big Old Fort. The dude was in his twenties, dressed ‘Abercrombie’ and being very affectionate with Kevin. It did not feel like two heteros visiting a national park.”

5. The SUV

From: [Redacted]
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 12:43 PM
Subject: Spacey is a fan of boys

If Kevin Spacey isn’t gay, he sure has a lot of gay young friends. The actor is frequently spotted on summer nights at an outdoor bar in town, wearing sunglasses and a hat while surrounded by four or five guys in their 20s who are a little less shy about their identities and a little more confident in their sexuality.

They’ll hang out for awhile and then all pile into a SUV with tinted windows and roll out. This has happened a few times and it’s all so normal, it’s almost forgettable. But all my friends remember it because every time we see him there, someone inevitably gets yelled at for pointing their camera phones in Spacey’s direction. He’ll point out somebody taking a picture to the waitstaff and have them yell at the people—even if they’re just taking a picture of their friend and Spacey happens to be in the general direction of the background.

6. The A Cappella Singer

From: [Redacted]
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 1:13 PM
Subject: My Kevin Spacey story

When I was in college, I had a few guy friends who were in an a cappella group that would frequently go on tour and occasionally perform for high profile guests at private parties.

At one such party, one of the guys in the group—a close friend of mine—was approached by Kevin Spacey. Spacey started flirting with him and made some overtures. Eventually, my friend politely told Spacey that he wasn’t gay. Spacey’s response: “Well, you don’t have to be a professional hang glider to try it once.”

I also met an agent once who had worked closely with Matthew McConaughey. He told me that McConaughey is a ravenous “pansexual” who is known to have sex with anyone and everything (man, woman, trans, you name it).

7. The East Village Bar

From: [Redacted]
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Spacey story

My friends and I were out in Manhattan like 9 years ago and ran into him late at some East Village bar. He took a liking to one of the guys (who is straight) and kept finding his way next to him at the bar. When that friend started to feel sick from too many drinks, we saw Kevin rubbing his back as he threw up into a plant. The rest of us decided to call it a night and head to our hotel. We said bye to Spacey and grabbed a cab. The sick friend was locked in the hotel bathroom puking, and the rest of us were having a night cap when there was a knock at the door. Kevin Spacey had apparently followed us back to the hotel. While we were a little creeped out, we let him in and smoked a joint and ordered late night cheeseburgers (at the time we hadn’t heard any of the rumors so thought he just found our bad jokes and terrible questions about the Usual Suspects cool and interesting). He kept asking about our friend still locked in the bathroom, and when our sick friend finally opened the door (in just a towel, no less) to find Kevin laying on his bed, he turned right around and locked himself in there again. Suddenly, the mood changed and Kevin didn’t appear so eager to hang out with us anymore. He got especially mad when I asked him to leave a voicemail for a friend and he stormed out. It seemed like once he got the cold, pukey shoulder from his new crush, he realized he was just eating drunk food with some straight college guys who couldn’t pick up girls.

8. House of Cards

From: [Redacted]
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 2:38 PM
Subject: Kevin Spacey

Another to add to the list—my friend’s uncle works on the production team of House of Cards in D.C., and told my friend recently that Spacey regularly solicits the young (early 20s), male crew members for sex in his trailer. Specifically, the uncle explained to my friend that Spacey “demands” it...whatever that means.

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