Robin Wright, formerly known as Robin Wright Penn, formerly known as Jenny Curran, is experiencing the renaissance of lifetime thanks to an asymmetrical haircut, a role on internet TV as first lady and the company of a younger man/sex machine.

That man is Ben Foster, a Boston-born, transcendental-meditation practicing actor who met Wright on the set of Rampart in 2011. And unlike Wright's ex, an angry piece of reanimated salmon jerky named Sean Penn, Foster is described as "the nicest guy" and appears to be a female orgasm whisperer. As Wright told Vanity Fair: "Perhaps it's not ladylike [to say], but I've never laughed more, read more, or come more than with Ben. He inspires me to be the best of myself."

Well. There's only one thing left to do. Let's stare at some pictures of this mythical, mystical creature.

Ben values his business connections, as evidenced by his crisp suit jacket. But he's also prepared to make a run for it at a moment's notice.

Vous aimez la facon dont je regarde en rouge? Oui ou non?

Ben has signed on to play Lance Armstrong in an upcoming biopic, for which we have to subtract four (-4) female orgasms from his total tally of female orgasms.

He *almost* looks like Ryan Gosling here.

Even his eyebrows are smiling.

Funky hat chatroom.

Here is the face of a man who is making Robin Wright come more than ever before.

[Pics via Getty]