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Tonight, the Emmys paid tribute to Robin Williams. Billy Crystal's speech to his late friend was heartfelt and touching, but the the accompanying montage missed an opportunity to pay genuine tribute to Williams at his absolute best—by cutting the profane punchline of one of his most famous bits.

The montage ended with a clip from his 1986 standup special, Live at the Met, in which Williams pretended to offer advice to his then-young son Zach. "Sometimes my son looks at me and gives me that look in the eyes like, 'Well, what's it going to be?'" Williams says in the clip. "Well, Zach, it's...I don't know. But maybe along the way you'll take my hand, tell some jokes, and have some fun…Come on, pal. You're not afraid, are you?"

"No," Williams answers in his son's voice. In the Emmys version, the clip cuts out and Williams, still playing the role of his son, walks off to the darkness, holding his father's imaginary hand.

It's touching. But it's not Robin Williams, who even at his most treacly knew the power of a good curse word. Above, you can watch the full, uncensored version of the bit, in which Williams finishes out the bit—and the special—with some cheerful, high-pitched, child-voiced words of wisdom: "fuck it."