Sarah Jessica Parker is once again hot on the trail of a missing item.

After finding somebody’s $4,700 check on the street in the West Village in October and then finding somebody else’s pay stub on the street in the West Village last month, SJP’s confidence in her ability to find missing items on the street in the West Village is at an all-time high. She posted a photo of a new missing item she now hopes to find—an earring—on Instagram yesterday.

“I’m sure you all know the feeling when you lose something,” she wrote in the caption. “If anyone should see this little gem on or near 6th ave and 9th st in nyc let @sashacharninmorrsion know. She would be mighty appreciative. X sj.”

Sasha Charnin Morrison is the fashion director at Us Weekly, a fact that is neither here nor there. It’s not clear whether Morrison prayed directly to SJP for help—Sarah Jessica, Sarah Jessica, please come ‘round; something’s lost that can’t be found—or SJP simply saw Morrison’s post and decided she should lend her powers free of charge. One thing that is clear: In Hell, Sarah Jessica Parker will suffer damnation for a thousand lifetimes, as punishment for the hubris of styling herself a modern-day St. Anthony. Sometimes you just can’t win!

SJP posted another photo of the earring to give her fans—who are surely combing the corner of 6th and 9th right now—a closer look.

She wrote in the caption, “A more complete image of the lost and favorite earring belonging to @sashacharninmorrison. Lost sometime today at 6th ave and 9th st in nyc. Anyone? Anyone? X sj.”



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