Academy Award winner Halle Berry and her French husband Olivier Martinez recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. How nice, you might be thinking in regard to this milestone and Halle Berry in general. But no, it is not nice. It is not nice at all.

Despite the fact that they have been married for a relatively short time, Halle and Olivier have been the subjects of tabloid divorce rumors for weeks. At the beginning of this month, Radar reported that a Halle-Olivier divorce was “imminent,” due to Olivier’s inability to control his “temper.”

Here is what we know about their relationship: it began in 2010, shortly after Halle broke up with her first child’s father, Gabriel Aubry (who is also French [Canadian]); Olivier once beat Gabriel up at Thanksgiving; Halle lost her engagement ring from Olivier a year and a half ago in Mexico and has yet to replace it.

But now, according to a new report from People, Halle and Olivier are “fine.” They are also “okay.” They even have breakfast together—or rather, they had coffee together one time, in the presence of paparazzi, this weekend. From People:

The couple, who just celebrated their second wedding anniversary in July, shared an al fresco breakfast at eatery La Conversation in Los Angeles on Saturday. Berry and Martinez, both 49, ordered croissants and coffee, according to an eyewitness...

[T]he couple returned to Berry’s nearby home in Beverly Hills after the meal and were both wearing their wedding rings, despite recent reports of relationship trouble.

So what was the vibe of this coffee date? One “witness,” who did not reveal himself to be an employee of La Conversation but did reveal himself to be someone who goes to La Conversation a lot—daily, even—said:

They used to be regulars, so it was fun to have them back. They seemed fine. Olivier ordered for them.

Another source offered:

They seemed okay and were affectionate.

Here is a paparazzi photo from the outing:

If I seem fine or okay, please know that I am neither; this update about Halle Berry’s marriage bummed me out.

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