It might be cold in a large part of the country, but hearts will warm upon seeing Veronica and friends back in action. But the dorks shouldn't get too excited: the final days of Community are upon us.

  • You did it, guys. You really did it. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that grossed over $5.7 million, the official Veronica Mars trailer is finally here and Logan and Veronica look like they might do it. I really hope they do it. The much-anticipated movie will be released on theaters on Friday, March 14. [E!]
  • Community returned last night with its lowest rated season premiere yet. The first episode had 3.7 millions viewers and a 1.3 demo rating, down 13 percent from last season's fucking terrible premiere. This should really help Dan Harmon's emotional state. [TVLine]
  • But while Community is sinking, the season premiere of Sherlock drew in over 9.2 million viewers in the U.K. Season three will debut stateside on PBS Jan. 19. It will not be watched by 9.2 million people. [Variety]
  • Apparently Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are a thing now, after photographers have snapped pictures of them sharing a "romantic holiday" in Hawaii. No one in the entire world cares about these two anymore, but Penn looks pretty attractive surfing which is sort of surprising? [People]

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