We like to think of the Oscars as the classiest of all possible nights, and nothing about last night seems classier than a star-studded party hosted by Vanity Fair. So of course the organizers hired an accomplished Rolling Stone photographer to take portraits for Instagram (the classiest selfie network).

"We're aiming to capture a little of the glamour of Oscar night in a timeless yet modern and accessible way," the photographer, Mark Seliger, said in a statement. Because even the beautiful people need filters.

Lupita Nyong'o didn't let go of her Oscar all night, because it was glued to her hand.

You just keep doing you, Bill Murray.

Kerry Washington wondered how much longer she'd have to wear those admittedly fabulous heels.

Jon Hamm pled silently for help after Jennifer Westfeldt followed him around for two hours.

Samuel L. Jackson finds a chair, doesn't give a shit about Instagram.

Naomi Watts wasn't asked to strike a sexy post. She was just really tired.

Reese Witherspoon wistfully wondered, "Do you know my name?"

Neil Patrick Harris had no idea how he got here.

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann—not invited to the actual Oscars—got lost on their way to couple's yoga.

Allison Williams just had no idea what she was doing pretty much all night.

Lady Gaga, Nolan Funk, and Donatella Versace joined their mighty powers to produce the sultriest Instagram of all time.

Pacey from Dawson's Creek had a good time, too.

They look an awful lot like Irvin Penn's celebrity portraits from the 1940s, no?