Netflix released today the trailer for Greg Whiteley's original documentary, "MITT," and while it's only two minutes long, it sure is something—full of quotable lines, it's unintentionally hilarious even when attempting a gentler touch.

Take, for example, Tagg Romney's awkward attempts at comforting his father, who just lost the race:

And if you don't win, we'll still love. The country may think of you as a laughing stock.

Or when he foreshadows what happens if he were to not be named the Republican candidate for the presidency:

I have looked by the way, at what happens to anybody in this country who loses as the nominee of their party. They become a loser for life.

He then flashes the loser 'L' on his forehead…backwards. Yet a following clip has him taking jabs at Dan Quayle, when comparing his campaign to the former vice president's intelligence level:

It's like convincing people Dan Quayle is smart. You're not going to convince people Dan Quayle is smart.

Quotable tidbits aside, the Romney documentary does strive to humanize a man who has served as a punching bag as the Republican party veers further to the right, and tanks their public opinion. Whiteley, who spent six years trailing Romney, promises to offer a deeper look at Romney and his family, both before the campaign trail and while on it—hopefully with a few more delightfuly veiled insults masquerading as support from ol' Tagg.