Whether you think Spring Breakers is a perfect accident or vapid nonsense, you probably are not especially excited about this news: 2014 will bring a Spring Breakers sequel from an entirely different group of people.

That means no Harmony Korine, for one, who wrote and directed the original. According to Screen Daily, Spring Breakers 2 was written by Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh, who penned the classic book Trainspotting in 1993. It will be directed by Jonan Åkerlund, the music video director who helmed The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up".

The new film centers around the Spring Breakers (whoever that ends up being) fighting a sect of radical militant Christians that attempt to convert them to the religion. According to co-producer Vincent Maraval, the film is "not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original."

James Franco was coy in a recent interview about whether he'd be interesting in reprising his Riff Raff-biting role as Alien, though deciding to appear in the Spring Breakers sequel no one wants would be another fine James Franco troll.